Hard Hat Media Products

All our Hard Hat Media rental products include 30 fresh Content Feeds every day; full access to the Content Library to select from hundreds of relevant videos to display to your team; ready made templates for your own content creations; unique user login to display your messages and information; ongoing maintenance and support.
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Touch Screen Table

£195 pm. Wall mounted Touch Screen also available

Interactive, touch screen, multi function Table with site feedback forms, pdf’s, videos, Tool Box Talks, method statements, linked access control dashboard and more. 

Touch Screen Totem

£195 pm

Interactive touch screen, multi function Totem with site feedback forms, pdf’s, videos, Tool Box Talks, method statements, linked access control dashboard and more


Outdoor Totem

£240pm standard or £280pm extra sunbright

A large fully weather proof, anti vandal free standing Totem. Branded with your logo and colour scheme.

Hoarding TV

£180pm 46″ standard or £240pm 46″extra Sunbright
or £120pm 28″ standard.

Fully weather proof, securely encased outdoor Hoarding mounted TV. Portrait or landscape. Can also be hung on a wall.

Hard Hat TV

£98 pm

The Hard Hat TV is a Hard Hat Hub with a 43″ commercial TV.

Double Hard Hat TV System

£135 pm

The double Hard Hat TV system consists of 2 x 43″ commercial TV’s running off 1 x Hard Hat Hub.

Hard Hat Hub

£78 per month

The Hard Hat Hub is the mini PC/media player loaded with software to play your playlist and display your content onto a screen.

Indoor Totem

£175pm 46″ screen or £240pm 55″ screen

Totem for indoor use

Battle Table

£350 per month

46″ Touch screen inside a standing table with external commercial keyboard with space for printer, laptop, cupboards and drawers in the table. Can be used with your laptop or a dedicated PC for meetings, briefings and to improve collaboration.

RAT Screens

£240 pm

4 x ‘Rough & Tough’ highly protected, encased 29″ TV’s running off 1 x Hard Hat Hub

Close Call Station

£7,500 unit purchase + £78 pm

Record all near misses/close calls in an eye catching station complete with 2 x Digital screens displaying site information and messages as well as near miss reporting software

Barco Clickshare

from £80 pm

As the official Construction partner for Barco we supply the Barco Clickshare wireless presentation system to our clients

Digital Receptionist

£75 pm
(£95 pm if not bought with a Hard Hat TV)

Touch screen visitor sign in, email notifications, sign out, take photos, badge printing, pre register VIP visitors, compliance/waiver/H&S policy on screen signatures. All recorded and managed online. Can also sign in/out employees.


Hard Hat Audio

£120 purchase price or £200 for 2no
(only available if bought with a Hard Hat TV)

Preset audio messages play when movement is detected by the PIR sensor. used at sign in or anywhere around site where an instant audio alert is needed

Backlit Signage Bollard

£375 incl 2 x changeable signs
(£425 if not bought with a Hard Hat TV)

Double sided bright backlit safety signs encased in a bollard for outdoor use