Hard Hat Media Products

All our Hard Hat Media rental products include 30 fresh Content Feeds every day; full access to the Content Library to select from hundreds of relevant videos to display to your team; ready made templates for your own content creations; unique user login to display your messages and information; ongoing maintenance and support.
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Touch Screen Table

Table £220 pm. Wall mounted Touch Screen £195pm

Interactive, touch screen, multi function Table with Drawings access, site feedback forms, pdf’s, videos, Tool Box Talks, method statements, linked access control dashboard and more.

Touch Screen Totem

£195 pm

Interactive touch screen, multi function Totem with site feedback forms, pdf’s, videos, Tool Box Talks, method statements, linked access control dashboard and more


Outdoor Totem

£240pm standard or £280pm extra sunbright

A large fully weather proof, anti vandal free standing Totem. Branded with your logo and colour scheme.

Hoarding TV

£180pm 46″ standard or £240pm 46″extra Sunbright
or £120pm 28″ standard.

Fully weather proof, securely encased outdoor Hoarding mounted TV. Portrait or landscape. Can also be hung on a wall.

Hard Hat TV

£98 pm

The Hard Hat TV is a Hard Hat Hub with a 43″ commercial TV.

Double Hard Hat TV System

£135 pm

The double Hard Hat TV system consists of 2 x 43″ commercial TV’s running off 1 x Hard Hat Hub.

Hard Hat Hub

£78 per month

The Hard Hat Hub is the mini PC/media player loaded with software to play your playlist and display your content onto a screen.

Indoor Totem

£175pm 46″ screen or £240pm 55″ screen

Totem for indoor use

Battle Table

£350 per month

46″ Touch screen inside a standing table with external commercial keyboard with space for printer, laptop, cupboards and drawers in the table. Can be used with your laptop or a dedicated PC for meetings, briefings and to improve collaboration.

RAT Screens

£240 pm

4 x ‘Rough & Tough’ highly protected, encased 29″ TV’s running off 1 x Hard Hat Hub

Close Call Station

£7,500 unit purchase + £78 pm

Record all near misses/close calls in an eye catching station complete with 2 x Digital screens displaying site information and messages as well as near miss reporting software

Barco Clickshare

from £80 pm

As the official Construction partner for Barco we supply the Barco Clickshare wireless presentation system to our clients

Digital Receptionist

£75 pm
(£95 pm if not bought with a Hard Hat TV)

Touch screen visitor sign in, email notifications, sign out, take photos, badge printing, pre register VIP visitors, compliance/waiver/H&S policy on screen signatures. All recorded and managed online. Can also sign in/out employees.