The Hard Hat Media System is made up of 4 main components:

Hardware (Screen & Hub), Internet, Playlist and Content.

In the most basic form it is a Hub streaming content via the internet to a screen on your site canteen wall. We update your ‘core playlist’ over 30 times a day and in addition you can drag and drop any items from the content library to your ‘local playlist’ as often as you like (or not at all) or add your own content using ready made templates. The system has been designed to give you ultimate flexibility and control.

Read on for an explanation of each component:

Hardware (screen & Hub)

The Hard Hat Hub is the ‘brains of the operation’ and is the link between your screen and all your content. We configure each Hub with our software which allows us to then create, edit and schedule your bespoke playlist. The Hub is then connected to the internet and will receive all the content updates sent to it via the internet. It is easiest to think of the Hard Hat Hub as a computer and the screen or TV is your monitor. Your Hub attaches neatly behind your screen and sits locked in place and hidden from view.


All content is fed via the internet to your Hard Hat Hub. Your playlist is updated over 30 times a day with fresh content. Your Hub must be connected to the internet in order to receive your content. You can either use your own internet (without firewalls which will block your content) or we can provide dedicated 3G internet for your Hard Hat TV system.

Playlist (Software)

Your playlist is your ‘TV Channel’ and is created using our clever digital signage software which enables us to create a unique playlist for each site and schedule certain content for certain dates and times. Each playlist consists of multiple short digital signage videos or digital images to make it around 30 minutes in length. Your playlist will then run on a continuous loop updating with fresh content via the internet constantly.

We create a ‘local playlist’ for each project which is a section of the whole playlist dedicated to site content. We then create a login for that local playlist which allows you to update your playlist at site level. Once logged in you have access to the entire content library and can either choose videos from the library, create your own or use the ready made templates. Your playlist is cloud based, so you can change it any time, from any pc anywhere in the world.


Content is by far the most important aspect of the Hard Hat TV System, or in fact any digital signage campaign. Your audience must be engaged with the right messages at the right time and in the right format. We have created a large content library with all videos specifically aimed at the very unique site worker audience. Through years of experience in the digital signage industry and in the Health & Safety industry we have fine tuned the delicate balance of information and entertainment. Your audience needs the entertainment factor as a draw to the screens, while you need to communicate important information. This is where our expertise come in when creating the playlist and scheduling which content plays when.

Our content varies from Health & Safety bulletins, well being and health issues, environmental awareness, quality and best practice to trivia quizzes, cool videos (dogs skateboarding, best penalties ever, top bmx stunts etc), Construction news, UK news and local weather.

We also have lots of very specific content which is only applicable at certain phases of your project, so during the order process you will also have the opportunity to enter some key project dates so you can show videos designed for demolition, ground works, super structure etc.

To create and update your own information we provide ready made templates and training on how to update your own playlist. Your playlist is yours to use how you see fit, so while we provide everything you need for an effective communication channel, we also offer the flexibility and control for you to update it yourself any time from any computer anywhere in the world.

The Order Prcosess

Our order process is simple and quick. Simple email us for a quote and we can start the ball rolling. Each order takes approximately 2 weeks from date of order to delivery to site.