Clear, Simple, Visual

Effectively communicate all your important Health, safety and environment messages to your operatives in the canteen during their breaks. Unobtrusive TV’s displaying a varied mix of UK news, local weather, construction news, industry specific information, health & safety bulletins, quality & environment awareness, and other key issues on site.

For the Operatives

Your Hard Hat TV system is designed for the operatives – to protect them, enhance their working life, educate them on topical issues such as general health and well being, enable them to feel valued and empowered to give affirmation of their value to the business as a whole and ultimately in doing so produce a more cohesive and productive site team.

Features & Benefits



Increase safety performance and near miss reporting simply by communicating effectively

H&S Alerts

Heighten awareness of high risk activities on site and give details of cautions

Engaging content

balanced mix of infotainment, entertainment and information

Behavioural Safety

Reinforce behavioural safety and responsibility of all on site for the safety of all on site

Best Practice

Share examples of best practice with workforce and accross your whole region or network


Maintain focus on safety issues and current site hazzards using simple, repeated messages

Instant Messages

Give instant alerts and bulletins at the click of a button using our ready made templates

Promote wellbeing

Proactively advocate a healthy lifestyle, relevant health campaigns and well being among workforce

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