Fit For Purpose

Our hardware is robust, commercial, reliable and tested specifically for the construction and industry environment. With security locks for anti theft and tamper proof buttons we have been installing our successful digital signage systems on construction sites for the last 6 years.

Flexible & Scalable

Your Hard Hat Hub is the brains of the operation and sits neatly attached to the back of your screen. Power and internet plug into your Hub which then feeds it’s images straight to your screen. Hub’s can be used on one site or thousands globally and all controlled from one central location or at site level.

Robust and Secure Hardware

Commercial Monitor

We use commercial monitors designed for heavy use. Unlike your TV, these monitors can handle constant data streaming and survive without overheating.

Internet Provision

Your Hard Hat TV system needs to be connected to the internet to work. If you haven’t got a clean or firewall free internet line on site then we can provide dedicated 3G internet for your system.

Installation Options

We can install any number of screens, but if you only have one screen self installation is very straightforward… and cost effective! We supply pre attached brackets, fixings and instructions, you’ll just need a handy man with a drill.

Plug and Play

We pre configure your Hard Hat Hub and screen at our office so you simply plug it into the internet and power and away you go. We even programme it to turn on in the morning and off in the evening so you don’t ever have to touch it