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Everything you need for the ultimate communication tool.......

Replace your old posters or drawings with an eye catching communication TV screen placed prominently in your site office, canteen, mounted in your hoarding or free standing in a Totem on site. The Hard Hat Media Digital Signage system and Touch Screens include hardware, software, playlist and dashabord creation, content, over 40 fresh Content Feeds on your screens every day, ready-made templates, training, ongoing support and maintenance…. and all starting at  just £78 per month!

Why Hard Hat Media?

Founded 11 years ago by a Construction Manager looking for a better way to communicate with the operatives on his site – we speak your language and we understand our audience. We have carefully fine tuned our system from years of feedback and close collaboration with our happy clients, their clients and the operatives. Content is King at Hard Hat Media and we have created a topical, relevant and up to date Content Library covering all Construction topics, not just Health & Safety. In addition we update all our screens with fresh content over 40 times every day to keep your operatives engaged and interested. We are the industry leaders with over 300 Construction sites and counting and have the perfect solution for your on site communication needs.

Flexibility and Control

Your Playlist is yours to update any time you like. With cloud based software, nothing to install on your computer and secure login for anyone assigned in your organisation, you can add safety alerts, convert posters and share Best Practice instantly and in real time.

With our Touch Screens you will always be working form the latest drawings and you can tailor your bespoke Dashboard content for your audience, whether it’s Managers, Operatives, Clients or the Public with Touch Screen Hoarding TV’s, Outdoor and indoor Totems, wall mounted and Tables.


HS&E Content

Select from our content library of hundreds of H&S, quality, environment & well-being videos, all created to directly target relevant key issues on site.

Professional Branding

All your Hard Hat Media screens are branded to your colours and logo. Not just the screen and content, but your full Totem shell or Touch Screen Base will be sprayed in your company colours with your logo prominently placed – we’re not promoting our brand, we’re promoting yours!


There’s no one size fits all when it comes to digital communication for your project. That’s why we have the largest and most comprehensive range of digital communication screens for you to select from. Whether you’re looking for one 43″ Digital Signage TV in your canteen for your operatives or thirty 65″ Hoarding TV’s, to a full size feature rich Touch Screen Drawing Table for your Managers or a stand alone Touch Screen Feedback Podium for reporting Near Misses, we have it all and can advise on the optimum options for you, including bespoke if needed.

Rental or Purchase

We recognise the unique project based environment of Construction, so our products are first and foremost ‘plant hire’, but for some lengthy projects, purchasing is the more cost effective option.

1 to 1000 Sites

Scalable and efficient to roll out regionally, nationally or globally. We have exrtensive experience of single site setups and entire company wide networks plus everything in between.


Instant Communication

You can instantly message your entire workforce at the click of one button, whether it’s just one site, one region or the whole company.


Our Touch Screens are the latest in cutting edge technology, seamlessly integrating your current drawing software, working documents, TBT’s, RAMs, permits, newsletters, close call reporting in a Table, wall mounted, outdoor in a Totem or in your Hoarding and all with precision Touch Screen intercativity.


Demonstrate Best Practice

Demonstrate high standards, best practice and ongoing commitment in communication to managers, operatives, clients and inspectors.

More Productive Operatives

An engaged, empowered and educated workforce is a more proactive and productive workforce through clear communication and affirmation of employers investment into their operatives Health, safety & wellbeing.

Return on Investment

Higher safety scores, a more productive, less wasteful, more environmentally and quality aware workforce all contribute vastly to saving time and budget.

Effective Communication

Your playlist is created specifically for your audience, the operatives. Many years of feedback from site and the operatives themselves has enabled us to create content that impacts your workers. We know and understand our audience and how to reach them.

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