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Hard Hat Media Products

Digital Signage Construction Products

All our Hard Hat Media rental products include 30 fresh Content Feeds every day.

Built for Construction

All our products are designed solely for the unique demands of a busy construction site.

Robust, vandal-proof and tamper-proof with simple visual messages allowing the sharing of information to those who need it most.

2022 saw the release of our first full brochure of products. 
We have 100’s of options in stock, contact us now for a speedy consultation, delivery and installation!

A dynamic and easy way to send internal communications to your workforce.

Interactive digital touchscreen products offer a dynamic way to share valuable information.

A comprehensive range of video conferencing, e-reception books and meeting room booking solutions.

Our experienced engineers will attend your site, install, set up and provide training for your new digital communication products.

Get in touch today for more information and a quote for your project