Willmott Dixon

“By introducing the Hard Hat Media Screens across all our sites we have been able to improve the way we visually get information & messages across to our people and supply chain. 

The system has ensured we have a strong corporate presence being displayed but still allowing our site teams to adapt the screens to suit each of the projects on an individual local basis. 

The systems are easy to operate and allows us to deliver a message to all our sites within a few minutes. 

We have managed to minimise the amount of posters displayed in our sites and the feedback from all the workforce has been hugely positive. 

Both Anthony, Lucy and all the team have been  instrumental in getting the scheme operating and have always been willing to go the extra mile to ensuring that we are happy”

Simon Wilson

Head of Innovation, Willmott Dixon

Kier Group

“The Hard Hat Media Team have enabled Kier Construction London to communicate not just safety, health and environmental information in a modern and dynamic way reaching a greater number of staff, operatives and visitors to our sites, but also to use the Hard Hat Media system as a business communication tool. The Kier Construction Project Managers can now display messages such as programme, quality and also news about the new projects Kier Construction have won around the UK. The support, guidance and expertise shown by both Lucy, Anthony and all at Hard Hat Media has been first class and we look forward to their continued support to enable us to engage with our workforce on a wider scale.”

Mark Starling

Safety, Health & Environmental Manager, Kier Construction London

Laing O'Rourke

“We have been able to visually display anything we feel is something the workforce need reminding about, ensuring they understand how important it is to us as a business that they get the message we wish to portray. Providing knowledge at every opportunity always helps us to create the learning and safe culture we want on our sites. I would definitely recommend Hard Hat TV, it’s easy to operate, good back up from yourselves and enables us to visually inform our workforce of the important messages we want them to understand.”


Chris Warren

Project Director, Laing O'Rourke - Crossrail

Canary Wharf Contractors



Before you started working with the Hard Hat Media TV System, what concerns (if any) might have prevented you from buying it?
There is always a concern when you invest in new technology that it will be effective and it is reliable. However, it was clear when seeing the demonstration the potential positive impact with using an innovative product. People had become sign blinded and this was a novel way of attracting their attention to a particular message.

After you started working with Hard Hat Media, did anything surprise you? What has pleased you the most about it?
I was surprised at the initial reaction of the work force and the site management. They were immediately drawn to the various visual messages. The software enabled us to tailor the messages given and communicate different messages at different times of the day for example have you signed onto your permit in the morning etc. It enabled us to plan effective campaigns and was used for many different events. It wasn’t used purely for safety but used for other disciplines, even VIP events.

What have been the main benefits to you and/or your operatives/audience of the screens?
The flexibility to refresh the content and not have to go around a large site taking down lots of posters. We made sure that the digital signage became a focal point for information and place of interest. We had 2 screens on site, one for the site operatives and a screen to provide the general public passing the site with information relating to progress and what we were constructing. It was a great way to communicate to the site and general public.

Would you recommend the Hard Hat Media System, and, if so, why?
I would definitely recommend the system and plan to use it on all my future projects. Our industry has a problem of putting up too many posters around sites and welfare. It gets to the point where operatives no longer take notice with what is on the wall. The digital system helps overcome this problem. Operatives are more likely to engage with and read what is on the TV screen. This is an innovative product and a great way of communicating to our workforce, management, visitors and general public.”


Damien Gannon

Health & Safety Director, Canary Wharf Contractors


We currently use hard hat media for the Cementation H&S screen at Maple Cross. The TV can easily be updated and creates interest via questions and construction news information. In addition to the content provided by Hard hat media you can display your own posters and information. You also get control over what appears on the screen and in what order.

It is a great addition to a reception or canteen area for displaying health and safety messages.”


Clare-Louise Lipinski

OU H&S Manager, Skanska - Cementation


“The Hard Hat Media screens are a very effective way of getting important messages and news to our operatives and teams, be they project specific issues or those that affect all our projects.”

Stuart Morgan

Operations Director, Wates Construction